Larry Thorson

Larry Thorson

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 Santa Monica, California 2014

Santa Monica, California 2014


I am almost never without a camera and a notebook. This world is filled with stories. My passion is to find those stories and tell them. Sometimes they unfolds through the images I capture. Sometimes, my images are just window dressing or comic relief.

Telling someone else’s story adds more than a few wrinkles. In my career, I dig up the facts, and weave a persuasive story together from them. As a creator, I find and capture the pieces to build the story I want to tell.

Have a story that needs telling? Let’s talk.

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Cast Off, 2018

I have been telling stories with images since the 1970s. In the beginning, a Kodak X-15, 126 film and flash cubes were my tools. Now I wield Canons and a Minolta 35mm SLR.  

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