The Circle of Life

April 2015 - Running out of cash, I took Phil's advice and called a lawyer named Bill about a staff lawyer job. He never responded, but within 24 hours, Laura the HR lady was calling to interview me.

Boom. Hired. Work ensues.

September 2015, after an all too quick weekend in Texas:

Me: Is there work?
Boss: Did you finish that one thing?
Me: Yep.
Boss: Then no. Wait until you hear from Laura.
Laura: *crickets*
Me: Guess it's the Uber life for me until I hear.

Days pass. Weeks pass.

Me: Oh, Laura...
Laura: *crickets* [not even a get bent letter]

This I would have understood.

This I would have understood.

Months pass.

Me: Oh, Laura...
Laura: *crickets*
Most Favored Nations people:  Yeah, we're working.
New people from the Trump University of law schools: Yeah, we're working.
Uber: Stop stalking the place and get back on the clock.

April 2016

Laura's replacement: She gone, snowflake. Wanna work?
Me: Hmm, after 6 months of 10-14 hour Uber days and 40000 excess miles on my car, just to survive. Lemme think about it for... uh, YEAH.

July 2017

I've been working all this time. Somebody at the new joint orders a lunch delivery. The delivery service? Uber Eats. The driver? Laura.

Yes, that Laura.

World go round in circles.