Here Comes a Chopper

Or perhaps — what was likeliest of all — the thing had simply happened because purges and vaporizations were a necessary part of the mechanics of government. The only real clue lay in the words ‘refs unpersons’, which indicated that Withers was already dead. You could not invariably assume this to be the case when people were arrested. Sometimes they were released and allowed to remain at liberty for as much as a year or two years before being executed. Very occasionally some person whom you had believed dead long since would make a ghostly reappearance at some public trial where he would implicate hundreds of others by his testimony before vanishing, this time for ever. Withers, however, was already an unperson. He did not exist: he had never existed.
— George Orwell, 1984, Part 1, Chapter 4

I have been scrubbed from my old firm's website. Mostly. Finally.

I get it. We had an open-ended agreement to forward people looking for me to my site. I guess they figured it was time to end that deal. Maybe somebody went to a CLE and learned you have to keep that interweb stuff current.

Actually, it was probably just a client or somebody looking at the site and wondering, "Who's that guy?" A bit awkward, that question, especially two-plus YEARS after I was displaced at the same time the payment book for a new Porsche arrived. It evidently is not too long in terms of withholding my writing sample, but it is an eternity in internet years.

So what was the solution? A reshoot of the site art? The pictures are 4-5 years old. Nope. Too spendy. A reimagined site? I created this one off a Wordpress blog template. Maybe go to some elegant Squarespace template? 

Nah. This was the solution:

  • Kill the blog, since I was the only one who wrote any entries. Maybe they didn't want to fight about who owned the content. (My embargoed writing sample answered that question.)
  • Kill the links to my current web presence. (I killed my employee page on the way out the door.) OK, fine. Whatever, guys.
  • And about that now-inaccurate site art? Surely we know someone with photoshop.

And just like that...

"refs unperson"? Rectified..

"refs unperson"? Rectified..

You won, guys. I'm gone. Not merely gone since 2015. Gone like I wasn't even there in 2012-13 when this moment was "frozen" in time. Maybe I was never there. Maybe I never existed in that universe.

I am not mad about being scrubbed from the site. It was obligatory and long overdue. I'm not mad that they dropped most of what I set up (like the Facebook page) or that they ignored their website for two years. I am glad that someone now is paying attention again.

I do have a philosophical objection to rewriting history with Photoshop. This is fake news. I expected better than being lost to a memory hole in the Records Department.