Dream a little dream.

On Thursday, I was driving with Phid and Mrs. Phid when we came to a fork in the trail. The intended fork looked flooded; the trail that looked like it might be the right one looked passable. So off we went. 

The two trails ran parallel for a bit. The one on the right went low, into woody marshlands. On the left of us, across a grassy plain, stood a long, low, tree covered mountain.  Behind it was a lake, but it was mostly invisible - the only trace being an errant sparkle of the sun on its surface that somehow slipped past all the leaves and rocks.

"This is exactly.like two set pieces for many of my dreams," I thought in that moment. "I never get to reach the lake, but I know there is a shortcut. And now I am really here! Let's go explore!" 

And then I woke up. I was dreaming about my dreams.

Last night, I was in some rundown neighborhood of landlocked, sometimes fenced lots. Some had houses. Some had office shacks. Most had cars, either for sale or as an impromptu collection/junkyard. I had been here before.

Not just when I dreamt of such a treasure trove of ruin porn - I had been here last night. Or last week? I had a bunch of old cars I had, uh, acquired. They needed to be stored remotely and anonymously for, let's say, "reasons of national security." I remember placing them all over, spreading them across junk yards and sales lots. No one would even notice a few more cars littered about, right?

Wrong. I woke up on a couch near one of the drop locations. Falling asleep there had been the worst of a series of bad ideas. Trust me. It sat on the edge of a dirt road, waiting to be scooped up by whoever wanted it first.

More importantly, all my cars were now gone. Not just moved. Disappeared. Maybe I had dreamt the part about the leaving cars here, I thought, while searching all the seemingly familiar spots. Then I woke up. More dreaming about a real place I thought I only dreamt up.

From there it was simply a matter of dodging the hyperaggressive private security guards in F150s until it was time to actually  wake up, get up and go to work in the real world.