Hard to Resist

In my search to find a steady job, one that allows me to leave my chair without compromising the "measurables," I have been looking for opportunities everywhere I have a license and a place I can crash.

One of those locations is metro Detroit. I love Detroit - shooting it, the dive bars, the proximity to carmakers and their roadgoing prototypes - all of it. So, my email feed blows up with opportunities in Michigan. I am willing to move, willing to learn, willing to stray from the areas in which I have practiced for 20+ years. Still, sometimes, one can tell from across the country when the opportunity is just not the right fit - like this one.

Sorry guys. Life is just too short. This is the equivalent of Uber - you want me to bleed off all my energy until one of us tires of the other, or, like my worn out after a year Fiat, expires. Maybe there is a candidate whose entire raison d'être, not just professionally but personally, is consumer claims in Federal Court. Can't imagine who lives for that stuff. Can't imagine anyone building a life while still devoting everything that the firm requires (basically, everything except commuting and sleeping).

Thanks anyway, but burnouts are an exhibition, not a business model.