Nothing Unreal Exists

Kiri-Kin-Tha's First Law of Metaphysics [Ed.: It's the title.] holds up. So does its Contrapositive. To wit:

Friendship exists. Therefore it is real.

Friendship endures over time and space. Pauses are not codas.

Fortunately for me, the blast furnace [Ed.: It's a Phoenix thing.] of renewing true friendships reignited other fires that needed tending - treating my house like my home here on Mars. [Ed.: Or is it "here on Vulcan"?] Treating my current home as a place where I live, and not just a storage unit/mausoleum with a yard and a bed. Making art.

Sometimes the good of the one comes from the sacrifice of many. Sometimes the sacrifice is trivial. Like, "okay, MAKE me drink some high $ scotch and eat great food." Sometimes, it's beyond precious - time. Three full days plus some bonus time on each end.

How do I feel, after a weekend of fellowship, adventure and scotch? And a general sense that "you're not invisible, you're our friend"? [Ed.: But you're still an asshole. Because obvs.]

Almost Human. That's how I feel. Duh.

Almost Human. That's how I feel. Duh.

"Almost Human." Please don't be insulted by "almost." I am not shortchanging the exhiliration of (near-)humanity at all. It's a vast improvement over the dronelike sleep-work-repeat. There's just a few more adjustments to make in the reprogramming. All the credit goes to the kindness of people that somehow still call me "friend." It's as if we're our own blended family, except we don't hate each other. Imagine that.