Alex Trebek: The Answer Is...

Or, for the daily double, "it's 'like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.'"  

Contestant: What is figuring out litigation counsel's position today on the definition of privilege.
Corporate Counsel: No, you're both wrong.
Litigation Counsel: No wait, maybe a lawyer thought about reading this on the toilet.
Contestant: Wait, wha-
Corporate Counsel: We don't have time or budget for toilets in corporate legal. Also stop billing us for that s- er, personal time. Also, everything you did to this point is wrong. Do it over.
Litigation Counsel: Today we think it has to use a lawyer's first, middle and last name to be privileged.
Contestant: Say wha-
Corporate Counsel: No, everything that says "Legal" or a synonym. Or an antonym. They're all privileged. Also, everything you did to this point is still wrong. Do it over.
Contestant: AYFKM?
Litigation Counsel:  Get with it, flunkies. It's simple logic. Observe...