The Answer Blows

I'm so disillusioned lately. I started out in the 1960s. Bobby Kennedy came to my town in 1968(?). I waved to him weeks before an idiot with a gun ended him like one (or more) idiot(s) ended his brother 5 years before.

I thought the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would resonate. I thought his death would shake the fog of hate and rage, like in so many fables and playground dramas: the warring parties have that moment of clarity when someone gets hurt for real, and maybe figure out the fight is stupid.

Let's go have cookies and dial it down, yes?

I think the cops murdered a couple of dudes in the last couple of days. I think several jackasses retaliated in Dallas. I won't go false flag on Dallas, but my cynicism meter is tilting a bit.