One Word Answers

If I find x, I do y, correct?
— Me, to my immediate boss

"There it is. One-word answers can kill you in the slag mines of the day job. They’re the tip of the sword. Here’s my question: What are the next ten words of your answer? Your job is too hard to focus on my seemingly simple question that evidently requires a nuanced answer? So is mine.

"Give me the next one, or even the next ten words. How are we going to do 'yes,' when your real answer is 'mostly no'? Give me ten after that, I’ll just shut up and do what you're saying, not what you said. Every once in a while… every once in a while, there’s a day with an absolute right and an absolute wrong, but those days almost always include mass firings. Other than that, there aren’t very many un-nuanced moments in wrangling a document production that’s way too big for one word. I'm the guy with independent professional discretion, not the guy with independent professional discretion when you agree with me. And by the way, if the QC people have a problem with that, they should redact for somebody else."