That Last Hand...

It nearly killed me.

My last day was near the end of September. Except I didn't know it. I came back from parents weekend to find I had nowhere to be on Monday. Or for the rest of the month. Or October. There were hopeful promises at first, then...

I took the hint. Don't call us... as they say. The days became weeks became months. So I became Uber dude. As jobs go, Uber sucks. Yes, I kept the lights on, but at the cost of 40,000 extra miles on my car, 10-14 hours days EVERY DAY. Some weeks it was go home, nap for a couple hours, then go back out in search of surge-priced fares.

And health wise, boo. Try sitting on your ass for 10 hours with maybe one pit stop and jumping out to help with luggage. (TIP TO RIDERS: TIP YOUR UBER DRIVER). It's the exact opposite of cardio.

But now that Uber life is on hold. The old place remembered they forgot about me, and called me out of the blue.

Why yes, I WOULD like to earn a day worth of Ubering in about 4 hours. and a week before lunchtime on Wednesday. And yes, I can work "short" (on the Uber scale) days (i.e., 10h) and yet still afford to have days off. And I can come home with enough energy to walk the dogs. 

It's not perfect, by any stretch, but it's better. Life in 6-minute increments beats life at $0.72 per mile any day.

And now I must be off, The drive is a 0.7, and i would like to 0.1 a Monster on the way.