Gimme Shelter

For the first time in my entire life, I am spending Christmas without family. Xmas without friends happens occasionally (and probably again today) but there was always family. In years past: the six of us and grandparents and cousins, then the GF/wife,  then just our little family. Finally, just me the girls.

What makes it harder is that it's Christmas in AZ. Sunny and dry and usually warm - this is completely screwed up. It is supposed to be snowy and cold. It just is.

In years past, I could overlook the weirdness of Xmas sunburns. Without the commotion of other people in the house this year, I had the chance to think about the things I miss about the holiday (other than my daughters). Most of all, it's the weather. Specifically, the snow.

Snow is a beautiful backdrop. That's the easy part. Snow meant no detours getting to Grandma's. And no delays getting back home to the cool stuff from Santa. Snow meant we wanted to be inside. It was warm and safe. Snow meant togetherness and shelter against the harsh outside world.

Kind of like swaddling clothes.

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