Donald, What Would Your Grandmother Think?

Donald Trump is a Pig. Worse, though is his intransigence - the misplaced sense of superiority to the rules. It shows in business, in politics, and in media appearances. The Donald is "more equal" than we mere mortals.

The latest media reveal of the "real" Donald Trump can't be a surprise. He meant what he said, and meant for some record of it to endure. (Presumably, it was in furtherance of his overinflated need to show off his virility (and overcompensate for allegedly small hands)). He knew his words might be recorded. He had to.

Microphones are like guns. Always assume they are ready to do what they are designed to do.
— Me

I learned in junior high to always assume the mike is always hot. Fortunately, my candid moment was just some off the record remarks complimenting the other team in quiz bowl. My parents heard me - I was mortified about that, and grateful that I erred on the side of courtesy and accidental grace, and rather than gloating. I knew without asking to assume the mikes are always live in the courtroom. And, if the mike is hot, the tape is rolling.

I wonder if Donald knows those words (other than "gloating"). But I digress. This is about another word.

I have no problem with the word, in the right context. Usually, in carefree private moments with an owner. The biggest determinant of "right context" is whether the moment is consensual. This situation is not:

I don’t even wait [to give an unsolicited kiss]. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything... Grab them by the p.... You can do anything.”
— Donald J. Trump, ca. 2005

I understand the chase. However, there is always some sort of meeting of the minds before a meeting of anything else. There just has to be. No means no. If it is not two yesses, it is a no. Period. (I have been known to treat two yesses as a no, or not even ask and just go right to assuming it's a "no," but that's for someone else to diagnose.) I can't comprehend another way. (Not after surviving my teen years, anyway.) Plus, without two yesses, it stops being sex and starts being a crime.

I wonder if Donald knows what a "no" is, at least when it's directed at him. By a woman. 

I once had a girlfriend who would use Donny's word in good ways, but also in an entitled, obligatory way. She sometimes that my "no" was overruled by her "yes." It wasn't, which changed the context of her use of the word from good to bad. 

I wonder if Donald has ever said "no" to a woman after he found himself rubbing his small hands together in anticipation.

Once again, I am mortified by a hot mike moment. Not just for my daughters or female friends who get subject to the boorish copycats out there. Mortified to my core. Mortified by projected shame - it fails the "What would MY Grandmother think?" test.

I wonder if Donald understands "shame." I wonder if he ever wonders what his grandma would think about his choices.