The Undiscovered Country

In a week, the nest will be empty. My little rug rat is 18 and off to new adventures. It's just me and my killer attack dogs, Manson and Rabies.

I guess it's time to redefine myself again.

Going forward, am I a lawyer with hobbies, or a media creator with a day job?

Do I call myself a single Dad, or a single man?

Am I alone or fiercely independent?

Here’s a tough one: Arizona. I like the monthly car show and auction week in Scottsdale. I hate living in a Martian hellscape, kept alive by abusing the Colorado River. The job and the kids have anchored me here since 1998.

Now, I have regained my vote. Do I drop the kid and turn around, or just keep on driving towards an unknown future. 

What to do, what to do… The Clash ask it better. Maybe Bill and Leonard have some thoughts.