A Day (or Three) in the Life

For 13 years, I practiced under the umbrella of "the General Practice of Law and Special Situations." Two months after our vectors diverged I took on a gig as a staff attorney on special projects.

The big difference is the dollars. I went from a salary to being paid by the billable hour. That meant moving from stability to feast or famine as far as the paychecks. Feasting involves 10 hour days and some weekends, just to consume the available work.

Famine means keeping my humor and watching Love Boat reruns while waiting for updates on directives like this:

Update - We have several matters in the queue, but no specific start date.  Do not show up until you get a confirmation email from [HR] or me.

So I will try to be productive, because reliving lonely Saturday nights from high school loses its charm after about a minute.