It's an Honor Just to Be Nominated

As much fun as it is to be out on my own, the economic model is fraught with peril. I get calls nearly every day asking for help. Fully 0.1% of them understand that I don't make money if they don't pay. Basically, I lose money on every call.

Studio Audience: But you'll make it up in volume.

So I work, to supplement my work.  I saw an ad for a lawyer job. After several weeks of thinking they had moved past me, I got a call out of the blue to come interview.

It was for a trial lawyer firm in Tempe. Their website is lost in the 1990s, but the firm was top notch. Western, but modern decor. Partners in blue jeans, because suits are for impressing juries, not subsidizing dry cleaners.  A really nice receptionist, who actually knew of my muses.

The job though? It was a no. They wanted trial lawyers. This is the second open job where I had the right batting average, but nowhere near enough at bats. And I am really okay with that.  

I am more of a win/win, let's stay out of court guy.  Certainty. Fairness. Most of the time, it works. And it keeps me above the fray. Except when it doesn't. For those times, it's designer threads and brilliant arguments and "sorry, you get nothing" for the other side, more times than not. For me, trial is a rare and last resort. It's gut wrenching, not invigorating, until it's over. 

To be honest, I probably knew as soon as they did that the lawyer eHarmony quiz came back as "no match." My point of pride in the adventure is twofold. I met a great group of trial lawyers, any of whom I would not hesitate to recommend. Maybe they will do the same some time.

And, I can look myself in the mirror after the interview. No trying to sell Wade a car he didn't need, Jerry. No trying to slither my way into a job that wasn't our combined destiny. No wondering "what have I gotten myself into this time?" Or "how am I going to pull this one off?"

larry thorson