The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Being out on your own, professionally is an obvious challenge. One of the secondary considerations is the thing you are reading right now - a post by me under my own name.

I have been shooting since the 1970s and lawyering since the 90s. I have only been blogging since 2004. For the first several years, it was as part of a team of ghostwriters using interchangeable names. Gradually, with the advent and acceptance of Twitter and Facebook, I have become a more public persona under the shelter of those platforms. Not always for good.

PRO TIP: Social media and merlot do not mix.  The 24-hour rule for letters applies with even more vigor to electronic screeds that might be ill-advised.

This blog and this site is different. I'm not writing about a car I saw, which at worst may offend an owner or a brand loyalist. I am not writing under cover of anonymity, which grants freedom in the subject, point of view and tone of the piece. I try to write about things worth attaching my name. I try to write in a way that won't offend my mom if she finds it "on the Googles." 

And then there is social media. Where is the line between sharing and overwhelming? Squarespace allows sharing to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  I am on all four. My core group of readers is composed of my friends.  I would like my friends to stay friends and keep reading.

So we'll see how this all shakes out.  I'll make mistakes.  I will also grow into the role, and shape it as it shapes me. I'll try to go light on corporate speak and legalese.