Experiment early and often

Today's experiment is the Squarespace blog app for Android. Doesn't everyone need 17 blogs and 150 apps with which to interconnect them all?

The new Google hello kitty operating system seems to interact with it just fine. I'm not sure that this blog app hears me any better than any other. It does have a nice font.

My biggest takeaway is that I really need a bigger screen on my phone. This might work great for blogging on a tablet. My own personal jury is still out on whether I would ever use this as more than a toy. My 20 years in the law has taught me that a first draft and a final are never the same document, unless you just started writing 5 minutes before the absolute last chance deadline. Otherwise revise and edit, edit and supplement, revise and supplement, and finalize are as much a part of the post writing experience as they are a part of that memo to the file that no one will ever read again.

The freedom to vent my brain from the comfort of high school bleachers while waiting for my kid to perform is worth the price of entry. If I never use this app again, I can at least say that.